Replace Career Anxiety with Career Excitement

By Career Success

“I feel anxious all the time, wondering what I am going to do for my career.” I hear this a great deal from those in our career development programs.

I remember that feeling. I started my career as an attorney. I liked my work in the public sector where I was doing good. I did not like my work in the private sector where I was doing little good. Anxiety would set in when I thought about the future.

When I committed myself to becoming an education-entrepreneur, my career seeking anxiety disappeared. Sure, I still had flashes of anxiety about building a business, making money, and all that comes with entrepreneurship but I also had a great deal of excitement related to building my career.

When I began career counseling, I realized that I was almost messianic in my zeal to get others to find a career they love. I wanted everyone to escape career anxiety and experience career excitement. “It doesn’t have to be that way.” I would tell clients. You don’t have to be anxious about your career. You can be excitedly building your career instead.

I realize now that the process is more involved than mind shifting. Our career programs are designed to provide the skills, techniques, and tactics needed for career development so that our clients and someday lose their anxiety and feel excited when they go to work.