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Develop the 7 Essential Skills For Career Invincibility

What is career invincibility? The continual ability to earn at enough money to pay your bills (at least) while doing something you enjoy.

Who should take this course? Those who want to learn how to develop themselves for success in The New World of Work.

Program Structure: 

Work at your pace. Most students complete 1-2 Learning Units per week. 

Learning Unit 1: Virtual Meeting With Daryl Capuano

30 minute ” Change Your Career” Interactive Discussion

This kick-off to transforming your career meeting should be viewed as Day 1 for radical career improvement.

Learning Unit 2: Work character

What areas of your work character need to be developed in order to reach your work potential?

Exercises designed to pin point challenge areas and build your core being.

Learning Unit 3: Roman Intelligence (Political Skills)

How can you more effectively navigate getting “there from here”, as in your big career goal from your current situation?

Learning Unit 4: Book Smarts

Do you need more skill training or credentials to advance your career? If so, what specifically?

Learning Unit 5: Interpersonal Ability

How you can more effectively interact with others to build your career success?

Learning Unit 6: Financial Intelligence

How will develop a financial plan in the context of your career happiness and success?

Learning Unit 7: Defined Expertise

What marketable expertise will you develop?

Learning Unit 8: Growth Mindset (Adaptation ability)

What will you need to learn over the next few years to stay invincible? This will include overcoming both psychological and practical hurdles.

Learning Unit 9: Virtual meeting with Daryl Capuano

Interactive discussion of assessment.

Learning Unit 10: Developmental ACTION Plan For Building Invincible Skills

Learning Unit 11: Virtual or in person meeting with Daryl Capuano
Interactive discussion of your draft action plan.

Program Cost: $295
How to Use Your Personality Type To Maximize Career Happiness and Success

Module 1: Career Personality Tests

A. Myers-Briggs
The most popular personality test in Corporate American and arguably in the Western World. Others in your organization may be evaluating you based on their perception of your type. The test provides good data for helping to figure out “what” you would like doing for work.

B. Enneagram
The deepest, most complicated, and penetrating of all tests. The Enneagram reveals core motivations. The test provides good data for helping to discover “why” you would like certain careers.

C. Five Factors
The big five personality factors are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The test provides good data for helping to figure out “how” you will deal with different types of work.

Interactive Discussion With Daryl Capuano Regarding The Meaning of the Tests in Relation to Creating a Happy and Successful Career.

Module 2: Using Personality Tests For Key Relationships
How would you describe your boss, important co-workers, business partners, spouse and children?

Interactive Discussion With Daryl Capuano Regarding How To Effectively Build Each Relationship

Program Cost: $145
How to Build A Profitable Service Business

Interactive Discussion With Daryl Capuano

1. Defining Your Business Model

How will you make money? Idealists often do not start businesses because they do not understand how to make money from doing what they like (or love!) This unit will identify the unique ways you will earn profit.

2. Developing Your Marketing Action Habits

We will create dynamic high tech and high touch marketing campaigns.

3. Creating Your Financial Plans

Understanding your numbers will give you freedom. You will have a downside back up plan, a standard back up plan, and a deeper understanding of how you can create financial freedom.

Customized Homework Assignments

Business Coaching Session With Daryl Capuano

Program Cost: $295