Career Coaching

Customized Career Coaching For Your Career Needs

Your career situation is unique. You need to discuss how to get on your specific career path of abundance.

Unlike many career guidance authors who write about their own situation and then advise others to follow their path, Career Path of Abundance came after years of career counseling work where we helped career counseling clients figure out (1) career paths (2) career strategy and (3) career tactics. In relation to this work, we are career advisors foremost and authors as a secondary result of our career counseling practice.

How does career counseling with you work?

Career Direction: What should I do?

Pre-meeting. I will send you a career questionnaire with a combination of career questions and personality profiling tests. I will review your answers prior to meeting. In doing so, I am “working” on your case before we meet.

We will then schedule a meeting. Most of my meetings are virtual (Skype/Phone). If you live in Connecticut, then I would be delighted to meet in person.

Meetings: What happens during a meeting? I ask questions and listen to your answers. The “work” is happening in my thoughts. It’s difficult to a explain a skill that involves matching someone’s skills/personality preferences with real world work. But this is my expertise. Experts in any type of field draw from a large amount of patterns based on their experience in order to do their work. Top expert-advisors combine their deep experience with high level talent to provide guidance.

What can I expect in the process? In most cases, direct and practical guidance regarding your best career option to pursue or the best way to move forward so that you can pursue whether the career option suits you.

Career Strategy: How do I get there?

“How” does one build a dream career? The confusion here is not about what someone wants to create but the creation process itself. This part of the work is action-oriented and thus far easier to explain.Expert cooks have general recipes. If cooking for specific people, they adjust to suit their tastes. As a general matter, that metaphor works here. Simply due to years of helping people strategize, I know what to do step by step for most general areas. I will tell you what I think you should do.

Career Tactics: Help With Resumes and Interviews

This part of our work is the easiest to understand. Some of our clients want interview help. We provide mock interviews and provide guidance on how to improve our client’s interview skills. Resume creation and editing is also self-explanatory. There are other additional tactics, such as the use of social media and new world of work areas, where we coach our clients to success.

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