If you are unhappy on Sunday because of work on Monday, you must change careers

By Career Happiness

Even though it was almost twenty years ago, I vividly remember how work at the law firm affected my weekends. Saturdays were mostly fine. Sunday afternoons would bring a few flashes of anxiety. As Sunday night approached, anxiety would turn into dread.
It is one thing to justify a miserable Monday through Friday at work as the price to pay to have a good weekend. But, it is quite another thing to have the weekend ruined because of the Sunday night blues. That’s no way to live.
So, if you are reading this on a Sunday night, commit to exploratory career work this week. It will make you feel better in the present and will be your salvation for the future.
What is exploratory work? It is the work necessary to find a different career. Exploratory career work includes reading a career book or talking to a friend in an industry of interest or researching graduate programs. If I did something – anything – in furtherance of escaping from my job, I would feel better.
If you are reading this on Sunday night, commit to doing one thing on Monday to explore a new career.