Motivate Your Son Book

motivateyoursonApproximately, one out of three young men cannot financially support themselves.

Why? The seeds of their failure to launch were planted in their teen years when they were not properly motivated.  This lack of motivation led to poor work character.  This, in turn, led to poor academic performance which limited both their college choices and readiness for college. Thereafter, in the face of the new economy, many of these young men floundered in college and have failed to obtain meaningful work.

But, there is hope. Our current economic landscape, perilous as it is, lends itself to extraordinary opportunities for your son.  Some boys in this generation will attain far bigger success at a much younger age than any previous generation.  Your son could be one of these young men.  And, you will be the main reason for his success.

Learn how to:
– Transform your role from nagging boss to loving parent
– Shift your son’s inner drive
– Identify the best methods for effectively communicating with your son

If your son is a teenage boy or nearing his teen years, the time to help him is now.  Discover how you can change his life and set him on a course for lifetime success and happiness.

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