Career Path of Abundance Book

"career path of abundance" bookI have read most every major career book. Some are very good. Some are good in specific ways. As a generality, the older books – What Color Is Your Parachute? etc. are good for providing broad wisdom. This is helpful. The challenge is that the “classics”, by definition, are written about the work world of last century. The New World of Work requires different thinking. The new books – The 4 Hour Work Week etc. wonderfully address the new reality of work but do not do a great job of conveying broad wisdom. Here’s what I mean: Tim Ferriss, author of 4 hour epitomizes the career guide who shows “his way”. Most could not do what Ferriss did. He started an online supplement business and automated most of the work so he could spend free time on his hobbies. This is not a criticism. It is a great mind shifting book and some of the tactics he suggests are excellent (some are not because while never totally crossing the line, he’s not exactly the most ethical guy).

Career Path of Abundance does not provide the answer to what you will do for the rest of your life. No book does. It will, however, provide principles to help you figure out what to do now, and next, and into the future. The New World of Work will require constant change. Wisdom is required because you will be compelled to make decisions throughout your life.